The journey towards the empowered patient, where are we now?


A word that is no stranger to our times. Often used in socio-political discourse to advance the cause of vulnerable groups, empowerment can be briefly defined as the act of giving someone more control over their situation. …

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21 years into the 21st century, the next step in the human evolution path is taking shape. It is now clear that evolution cannot take place by relying solely on the real world. Virtual reality and the digital world are increasingly taking over, driven by the human desire to have…

How can femtech enhance women’s special journey to delivery? How can it help them start that journey when they’re having difficulties in conceiving?

A common understatement that you may hear these days is that the world has been affected by the Pandemic. Let’s get something straight, the world has not…

Breaking down the ongoing disruption in diagnostics

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The lab today is a complex environment, with several verticals and specialties that make up the industry. Of course, different labs focus on different services, yet, it’s important to grasp the opportunities for innovation and imagination within each service offered to a patient.

New helpful learnings for shifting from leading a team to project management written by Nisreen Hassoun, Research Team Leader at Medicus AI.

Shifting to a new role is an exciting and overwhelming move as it encompasses taking on new challenges and having more responsibilities. My journey in shifting from leading…

SafePlay bis dato an 30 Standorten in 14 Städten in Deutschland im Routinebetrieb

Medicus freut sich mitteilen zu können, dass SafePlay, die neueste Lösung des Unternehmens zur Erleichterung von SARS-CoV-2 Testungen, mittlerweile mehr als 10.000 Tests am Tag abwickelt.

Die Lösung wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Roche Diagnostics Deutschland und 21Dx, einem der größten Betreiber von SARS-CoV-2 Teststationen und mobilen Testteams in Deutschland, entwickelt…

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